Thin Remodel Pavers


            Remodel pavers are installed over an existing concrete, river rock, and spray deck surface. These pavers are 30mm or 1 1/4" in thickness. Since the pavers are free floating on a bed of sand, this application is the best choice for an existing surface that has structural, and or stress cracks. These pavers come in many shapes from different manufacturers. This surface can provide a tremendous face lift to an existing undesirable area.


      Remodel pavers can be used to overlay many different surfaces except areas that will have vehicular traffic such as driveways. overlay pavers can not withstand the weight of vehicular traffic and usually crack under the weight. Areas expected to have vehicular traffic must use thick 2 3/8" or 60mm pavers as a pavement. Overlay pavers are primarily use on pool decks and pedestrian foot traffic areas. While they can be applied over a river rock or spray crete surface without any surface preparation, we recommend for long term durability and a hassle free application that proper surface preparation be made. Many "down the road" problems can be avoided such as excessive mold and algae, browning pavers that were applied over river rock. River rock is a very unsanitary product that by it's design always holds moisture. Dekscape recommends removing the river rock prior to the installation of thin pavers. If a cost effective alternative is needed to deal with the river rock we can cover it with a cement coating to fill in the porous characteristics of the river rock. Any areas on a decorative cement topping surface such as spray crete of keystone that hold or pool water need to have 1/2" minimum holes drilled thru the concrete deck into the ground for drainage. Even if we fix the low spot with the pavers the low spot is still in the deck underneath and water will still pool there which in time will cause mold & algae to grow. Poor draining deck drain systems should be replaced with a combination french drain / 2" deck drain system. If you fail to replace the drain system and ask us to use a drain extension or cover over the drain the drainage will decrease by a minimum of 40% and at most by 85%. But installing a new drainage system will increase the drainage by as much as 75% and at minimum 25%. With proper surface preparation many costly future problems can be avoided.


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